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Outlook setup for mkryptor cloud

Last Updated: Oct 29, 2013 03:52PM GMT
This guide details the steps required for setting up Microsoft Outlook to work with mkryptor cloud. The images shown are from Outlook 2013, but the process is mostly same for all versions of Outlook. Where differences in version occur, these will be highlighted.
There are 2 methods for configuring Microsoft Outlook for mkryptor cloud. If you are currently connected to an Exchange server, then Method One will be your only option.

No matter which method you choose, they both start with the same 2 steps:

Step 1 - Link mkryptor cloud to your email account

  • Log in to your fresh skies account and go to: https://www.freshskies.com/Cloud/QuickSetup.aspx
  • On the left-hand side of the page you will find Step 1 "SMTP Server Settings"
  • In the boxes provided, enter the user name and password that you normally use to collect your email. Usually the username will be your email address.
  • Click the Test button
Enter email login details
  • mkryptor cloud will search and try to automatically retrieve your email server settings.
  • If mkryptor manages to find your settings successfully you will get a success message pop-up at the top of the screen and the found settings will be shown in the SMTP Server settings panel.
  • If mkryptor cloud is unable to find your settings automatically then the settings boxes will show on screen and you must fill them in manually.
    • Either ask your administrator or search the web for SMTP server settings for your domain.
  • Once your settings have tested successfully, click the Save Settings button

Step 2 - Open Account Settings

Outlook 2013
Outlook 2010

Outlook 2007
Outlook 2003


Outlook 2013, 2010

  • Open Microsoft Outlook
  • Click the 'File' tab. In Outlook 2010, click the office perl icon in the top left.
  • Click the Account Settings icon. This will drop-down a menu
  • Click Account Settings...
open account settings

Outlook 2007, 2003

  • Open Outlook
  • From the Menu, go to Tools -> Accounts Settings...


Step 3 - Modify account settings

There are 2 different methods that can be used with Outlook to work with mkryptor cloud. Select from the 2 options below to continue.

Method One

A separate account is added to Outlook specifically for sending encrypted messages. If you want to send an encrypted message, you select this account when sending. Other messages will go via your normal mailserver.

  • Better distinction between encrypted and unencrypted mail (encrypted mail is sent from different account)
  • Works with Microsoft Exchange
  • More steps to set-up
  • encrypted messages may go into different sent items folder (this does depend on mail server configuration)
NOTE: If you are connected to a Microsoft Exchange environment then Method 1 is your only option.

Method Two

Outlook will send all messages to mkryptor cloud. If the message contains a ##encrypt tag then it will be encrypted. If not, the message will be passed-through untouched. mkryptor cloud then sends the message on to your normal mail server, which will deliver the message as usual.

  • Much quicker to set up
  • Cannot be used with Microsoft Exchange

Method One

M1:Step A - Set your account to 'Require encryption'

Because you'll be using a separate account for encrypted messages, you should change your mkryptor cloud settings to always encrypt. This saves needing to add ##encrypt to the top of messages.
  Encryption Settings
  • Click the 'Always Encrypt' option
Encryption Settings - Always Encrypt
  • Click the Save Settings button at the bottom of the screen
  • You should get a confirmation at the top of the screen to say that your settings have been saved successfully.

M1:Step B - Add new account

Back in the Outlook Account Settings dialog:
  • On the Email tab of the Account Settings Dialog, click 'New...'
  • Choose Manual Setup and click next
Manual Setup
  • Choose POP or IMAP as the service and click next
  • In the User information section, type your name and email address (The address you're using for mkryptor)
  • Under Server information choose:
    • Account Type: POP3
    • Incoming mail server: na
    • Outgoing mail server (SMTP): cloud.mkryptor.com
  • Leave the Logon Information section with its default values.
  • IMPORTANT: Un-tick the box labelled 'Automatically test account settings when Next is clicked'
  • Click the More Settings... button. This will open the Internet E-mail settings dialog.
  • On the General tab, give the mail account a name of: mkryptor
General settings
  • On the Outgoing Server tab, check the box labelled 'My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.
  • Select the Log on using option
  • For username and password, use the email address and password for your fresh skies account.
  • Tick the Remember password box
Outgoing server settings
  • On the Advanced tab;
  • Set 'Use the following type of encrypted connection' to TLS.
  • Ensure Outgoing server (SMTP) is 587. (Note that port 25 can be used as an alternative)
  • Click OK to store the settings and return to the account setup.
Advanced Settings
  • Back on the 'Add Account' screen, click Next
finish account
  • Click Finish to complete adding the account.

M1:Step C - Change send/receive settings

Because we are only using this account for sending messages, we need to tell Outlook not to try checking it for incoming mail. If you do not complete this step Outlook will show an error every time it tries to check mail.
  • Back in the Outlook main screen, select the 'Send / Receive' tab from the ribbon
  • Click Send/Receive Groups -> Define Send/Receive Groups
define send receive groups
  • The Send / Receive Groups dialog should open
  • Select All Accounts and then click the Edit button
send receive groups
  • In the list of accounts on the left, select the 'mkryptor' account
  • Un-tick the box labelled 'Receive mail items'
  • Click OK to save the settings
send receive settings - all accounts
  • Click the Close button to close the Send / Receive Groups dialog
close send / receive groups 

M1:Step D - Sending messages

  • Start writing a new email
  • Click 'From', then select mkryptor from the list
choose from address
  • When you click send, the message will be mkrypted.


 Method Two

  • On the Account Settings window, select your email account from the list and then click the Change... button
  • This should open the Change Account window.
  • In the Outgoing mail server (SMTP): box, enter cloud.mkryptor.com
  • Click the More Settings... button
  • This will open the Internet E-mail settings window
  • Click on the Outgoing Server tab
  • Check the box labelled 'My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication'
  • Click the 'Log on using' radio button
Internet E-mail Settings
  • In the User Name and Password boxes, enter the username and password that you use to log in to your fresh skies account.
  • Click on the Advanced tab.
  • In the box labelled 'Outgoing server (SMTP):' enter 587 (this is the mkryptor cloud SMTP port number - port 25 is also available as an alternative).
  • For 'Use the following type of encrypted connection:' choose TLS
  • Click OK to return to the Change account window
  • Click Next > to save the settings
  • Outlook will test your new settings to make sure they are correct.
  • If the tests are successful, you are now set to use mkryptor cloud
  • If the tests are not successful, go back and correct any errors then try again.
  • Take a look at the user guide for more information on how to send mkrypted messages
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