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Set up Google Apps Free Edition web client to work with mkryptor cloud

Last Updated: Dec 11, 2012 05:20PM GMT
NOTE: This guide is for Google Apps FREE edition. If you are using Google Apps Business or Education editions then you have better options available (although this method will also work).

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Step 1 - Turn on Outbound Relay in Google Apps Dashboard

First off, the 'Outbound Relay' option must be turned on for your google apps domain. This needs doing only once, and must be done by your Google Apps administrator.
  • Log into your Google Apps dashboard at https://google.com/a/yourdomain (where yourdomain is your google apps domain name)
  • Click the Settings tab on the top bar, then Email in the left menu.
  • Scroll down the email settings until you reach the options for 'Outbound Relay'
Turn on Outbound relay in google apps dashboard
  • Check the box titled ' Allow users to send mail through an external SMTP...'
  • Click Save Changes

Save changes
  • This step is complete. You can now close the dashboard.

Step 2 - Configure Gmail Web Client

This step will need doing for each google apps user. We add an extra 'from address' to the account and set mail from that address to go via mkryptor cloud:
  • First, log into the gmail web client at mail.google.com
  • Once you're logged in and can see your inbox, click the cog icon in the top right
  • Click 'Settings from the drop-down menu
Open settings menu

  • Click the 'Accounts' Link in the menu at the top

Click 'Accounts'

  • In the section labelled 'Send mail as', click the 'Add another email address you own' link
Add another address

  • The Name box should already be pre-filled with your name. If not, enter your name in the box. (This is the name that people will see when they receive emails from you).
  • In the Email Address box, enter youraddress+mkryptor@yourdomain.com. For instance if your normal address was john@bitsandbobs.com, you would enter john+mkryptor@bitsandbobs.com.
  • NOTE: Whatever address you enter here should also be the address that you set against your mkryptor cloud subscription

Add address

  • Click Next Step.
  • This will take you back to the Accounts menu.
  • In the list of addresses you'll see the new address that you just created
  • (This is the important bit) Click the 'edit info' link next to the new address

Edit address info
  • When the Edit email address window pops up, click 'Next Step'
Click Next Step

On the next screen:
  1. Select 'Send through yourdomain.com SMTP Servers' (the second option)
  2. Enter the SMTP Server as 'cloud.mkryptor.com', then put your fresh skies username (email) and password in the username and password boxes
  3. Change Port to 25
  4. Ensure that the TLS option is selected
  5. Click 'Save Changes'
Configure gateway settings

  • If you have entered all details correctly, you should be returned to the account settings page.
  • If you entered any details correctly, you will be shown an error message. Correct the error and click 'Save Changes' again.
  • This step is now complete

Step 3 - Sending a message

  • Click the 'Compose' button to write a new message
  • You'll see that the From address now has a dropdown box next to it.
  • Click the drop-down arrow next to the From address and select your new 'youraddress+mkryptor@yourdomain.com' address
  • Write the rest of your email as normal.
  • When you click send the message will be delivered via mkryptor cloud.

It is recommended that you set your mkryptor cloud settings (via the mkryptor cloud control panel) to always require encryption.
  • To send normal messages, just compose as usual (don't change the From address). 
  • To send an mkrypted message, change the from address to your 'youraddress+mkryptor@yourdomain.com' address.

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