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HOW TO: Turn off encrypted file storage

Last Updated: Feb 21, 2013 01:32PM GMT
mkryptor version: 2.0 +

By default, mkryptor stores all temporary files and debug messages in an encrypted format. This is the correct thing to do during normal usage. However, when debugging sometimes you need to be able to view the content of these files. Particularly if you are archiving sent and failed messages as part of your debugging.

It is possible to override the file encryption for such purposes. However, I cannot stress enough that you must remember to re-enable the file encryption once your debugging is complete.

To disable file encryption:

  1. Browse to your mkryptor installation folder (e.g., c:\program files\freshskies\mkryptor)
  2. Open the file 'mkryptor.exe.config' in your favourite text editor
  3. In the <appSettings> section, add the following line: <add key="EncryptFiles" value="False" />
  4. Save the file and restart the mkryptor service
NOTE: Only new files will be stored unencrypted. Existing files will remain encrypted

‚ÄčTo re-enable file encrption:

  1. Remove the line that was added above;
    1. or change the value of EncryptFiles to "true" if you will require to turn it off again in the future
  2. Save the file and restart the mkryptor service
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