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Satellite - Cloud vs Local Options

Last Updated: Sep 13, 2013 02:56PM BST


Out of the box mkryptor is configured to use the mkryptor CLOUD default satellite reply service with the most basic options. While this is fine for getting started, you may want to change your satellite configuration to enable some more useful/advanced features.

The most important features you may want to enable are:
  • Automatic decryption of secure replies
  • Allow customers to set/change their own passwords/facts
  • Customisation of satellite branding (own logo/colour-scheme, etc)

Satellite options

There are 3 different options for Satellite configuration. See the table below for a comparison and choose the option that suits you best:

  CLOUD Basic Satellite
CLOUD Advanced
Local install
Secure Replies
Recipient password/fact management
Auto-decrypt replies
Custom site templates

Secure Replies

Allows recipients of your secure messages to reply to you securely, without them needing their own copy of mkryptor. These replies will arrive in your inbox as an encrypted PDF that you open with your own password (set using the ##MyPassword tag). Alternatively, if you turn on the Auto-decrypt feature (see below) then mkryptor will automatically decrypt the PDF before it reaches your inbox, so you get an ordinary email.

Recipient password / fact management

If a recipient is receiving messages from you regularly, they may not wish to have to work out the last 3 letters of their cats' name and the first 9 digits of their phone number, etc., each time.  With this feature enabled the recipient has the option of setting their own password, so all future messages from you will be mkrypted using that password, rather than known facts.

The "Change Password" button can be found at the top of the mkrypted PDF when the feature is enabled.

The recipient can also see/modify the saved known facts that you have stored for them, if they wish to change them to something different.

Auto-decrypt replies

This is a very useful feature. When enabled, secure replies received back from your recipients will be decrypted by your local mkryptor SERVER and then arrive in your inbox as a normal (clear text) email. Without this feature enabled, secure replies arrive as an mkrypted PDF and you need to enter a password to view them.

To configure Auto-decrypt, see here.

Custom site templates

By default the Satellite website will have standard mkryptor branding (logos, colourscheme, etc). By adding custom site templates you can change the look and feel of the Satellite website to match your own corporate image. Virtually all aspects of the design are customisable, depending on how deep you wish to delve. Most people tend to simply change the company logo and colour-scheme.

CLOUD Basic Satellite

This is the default out-of-the box configuration for mkryptor. It provides the basic ability for your recipients to reply to you securely without needing their own copy of mkryptor. This service is free of charge to all mkryptor SERVER license holders with an active support or software assurance agreement.
See this guide for configuring CLOUD Basic Satellite

CLOUD Advanced Satellite

CLOUD Advanced Satellite gives you all the main features of the Satellite service, including optional automatic decryption of replies and recipient facts management. Configuration is very simple and takes around 5 minutes. It requires one firewall port opening for the CLOUD Satellite servers to communicate directly with your local mkryptor SERVER installation. This service is free of charge to all mkryptor SERVER license holders with an active support or software assurance agreement.

See this guide for configuring CLOUD Advanced Satellite
NOTE: It is important that you keep your mkryptor SERVER up-to-date to take advantage of new CLOUD Satellite features as they become available

Local Install

By installing the Satellite service locally on your own network (even on the same machine as mkryptor SERVER), you have complete control of the recipient experience. Not only are you entirely self-sufficient (no reliance on the Fresh Skies cloud servers), but you can also customise the look and feel to match your corporate branding. Use of the mkryptor SATELLITE software is included in your mkryptor SERVER license and is free for the life of the product, so there is no additional cost involved.

For full instructions on installing / configuring mkryptor SATELLITE for a local installation, see this article.
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