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Customising Satellite look and feel with CSS

Last Updated: Sep 06, 2013 05:34PM BST

Level: Advanced - Requires knowledge of HTML/CSS


Out of the box, the satellite website will ship with mkryptor branding applied. You may want to change this to match the branding of your own company website. This can easily be achieved easily. The Satellite website uses CSS for all styling, and allows the addition of custom style sheets.

Where does custom CSS go?

2 files are provided for adding your custom CSS. Any styles added to these files will override the default styles.

The 2 files are:
  • Custom.css
    • This will override the main satellite pages (default.aspx, login.aspx, etc.)
  • FullPageCustom.css
    • This will override the 'Send' pages (Seure Send, Secure Reply, etc.)
You can find these files in the /Custom folder of the satellite site files.

How do I know what CSS to override?

The easiest way to find the correct CSS styles to override in the custom files is to use the built-in developer tools of your chosen browser, or a plugin such as firebug. With those tools you can highlight an area / element of the web page and it will tell you which CSS styles are being applied to it.
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